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Widener’s Slavic Division Boasts Rich Collection from across the Region

Macedonian President Ivanov recently presented a gift of 130 books of Macedonia literature to the Slavic Collection during recent visit to Harvard.
November 14, 2012—Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, president of Macedonia, visited Harvard in September to deliver a public address at the Law School. But while he was here, Ivanov visited Widener Library where he made a donation of nearly 130 books of Macedonia literature translated into English.
Anna Rakityanskaya, Slavic Librarian at Widener Library, said that while Macedonia literature is a small part of the overall Slavic collection, having collections from some of the smaller Slavic countries, such as Macedonia, is very important.
“We are one of the only libraries in the country to have books from some of the smaller Slavic countries, which means we have a number of titles no one else has,” Rakityanskaya said. “To have this level of collection is really amazing.”
The Slavic Division collects materials from Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus in all Slavic, Baltic and Western languages.
“This is a very diverse region and a lot of literature deals with issues of national identity,” Rakityanskaya said. “This is a very unique collection.”